Top 9 Types of Infographics

Top 9 Types of Infographics


Infographics are full of graphics circulates the data you want to make them visualize for the creation of beauty of data. Making data visualized depends on the character of the content and the exhibition mode. It makes data attractive visibility to the people by adding the visuals. You know we have several types of Infographics to create data with designs.



9 types of Infographics you can choose for your data to visualize:




These 9 types of elements work based on their outlook:

Statistical infographic

The Statistical Infographic describes the data we inserted as the distributing table. In this, it is having different tables like Bar graphs, Pie charts etc. This Infographic is useful to give data presentation of surveyed data and with the help of statistical infographic, people can make prompt decisions.


Timeline infographic

Timeline Infographics show the data that which belongs to the time series to explain the generations of something else. It focuses on presents data as chronologically.


Informational infographic

Informational Infographics are usually been used for summarizing the data with graphically to understand the summary of the data. Data is represented as the image with content.


Geographic infographic

We would be having the data from different countries or states to demonstrate it dividing with domicile. Data of regions would be divided with the help of geographic Infographics segment for the purpose of elaborate the content of greatness of the data.


Comparison infographic

Comparison Infographics are to be useful for distinguishing two or more alternatives with an attractive presentation. This infographic is for knowing the differences of two alternatives while a person wants to choose from those in which he is in purchase or selection.


hirarchial infographic

Hierarchical Infographic describes how the hierarchy in the data would be. Moreover, this indicates the highest importance to the lowest important of things. In the above-given example explained about how the income affects the people lifestyle while growth occurs to their income.


List infographic

List Infographic frame a list of information to define a sequence of data. Points can be effective to read for the readers and it increases to read the list of data with full of graphics included in it.


Resume infographic

Employees and Jobseekers want to make their resume to be impressive. Resume Infographics help to them to create a massive resume with their details of bio data. This can be approved with the recruiters in the modern era.


Process infographic

Process Infographic is the system of delivering or doing the work. It focuses on how the steps of the process to be done in a pre-defined way. The process of steps is described graphically to be an ease of doing something like product manufacturing. a company uses this type of infographic to explain the production to the employees or trainees in the company and make it presented to their clients as well to explain the product.


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