Why Internet of Things (IoT) Will Rule the World in the Next Decade

Why Internet of Things (IoT) Will Rule the World in the Next Decade


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that suggests that internet technology will be implemented in everyday objects that lie around our homes and offices. It describes a situation where devices exchange data with each other to make smart decisions and help ensure that our lives are safer and more convenient than ever before. Here are a few reasons why IoT will rule the world in the next few decade or so.

Smart Decisions

The most important aspect of using internet of things technology is that it provides devices the ability to make smart decisions. This is possible because devices share data with each other, allowing them to work collectively to read the situation and produce the desired outputs based on processing the information.

Take the typical example of an office meeting in the morning being delayed. You slept while setting up an alarm to wake you up at 6 am to reach the meeting at 8 am. However, a problem came up and your office sent you an email at 1 am that the meeting had been pushed to the afternoon session due to unavailability of space.

A smart decision will happen when your mobile phone reads the email and informs the alarm device to forgo waking you up at 6. It will rather switch to its periodic alarm that you use daily, let’s just say at 8 am.

Better Commuting Solutions

Traffic is a nuisance that we all are afraid of. We lose a lot of time during our daily commutes. The IoT provides several ways in which transportation becomes easier. By simply shifting your route choices and the time of starting your journey, you can avoid creating traffic jams. Connected devices can share route information with each other and offer best traveling solutions in real time.

The internet of things has already started to improve traveling solutions in some situations. We will see soon that applications in mobile phones will share data and make decisions for us, which are consistent and better than our choices based on mathematical rules.

Find What is Lost

With embedded sensors in almost every possible object, it will become impossible to lose an item. This is a benefit that we all want. Remember the time when you forget your house keys in your office. These times will be over soon, as the moment you leave the office without the keys, your smartphone will bug you to get it back.

Even if you do not remember where you left it, wireless connectivity and proximity sensors will allow you to quickly find a dropped article. This is surely an experience that will seamlessly become a part of our life in the next decade.

Energy Efficiency

We have embedded connectivity in most home devices. Now there is a need to find benefits that allow us to appreciate smart homes. One benefit that will ensure we employ the internet of things technology is the increase in energy efficiency. We often leave the lights open or the AC running at full power, which wastes energy. IoT will certainly ensure that these are losses that we avoid automatically.

These are a few elements that will ensure that the next decade will be ruled by the internet of things technology!