Challenges faced by a Business analyst and the solution

Challenges faced by a Business analyst and the solution

We often woo a Business Analyst for the job responsibilities he holds and the glamor he enjoys in his office. But every coin has two sides. One good and one bad.

Similarly, a Business Analyst is also not free from all the professional problems. In fact holding an important role, he faces loads of challenges every day. Let us discuss some of the challenges faced by Business Analysts in everyday life in their professional field.

Paralysis by analysis

This is a great problem faced by the business analysts. They need to read pages after pages to get equipped with any necessary information. Even sometimes they can’t understand where to start and where to end.


Being a Business Analyst, you can ask more and more questions to get clear clarification. Moreover, you can develop more models and artifacts than what are required.

Knowledge and skills

Business Analysts are required to work on technical as well as business-related tasks simultaneously. But how it is possible for a person with technical background to show competency in the business domain?


The simple way to solve this problem is to get aware of the business domain, current technologies and the industry where he is working from the very first day. Certifications in some specialized areas can also help a Business Analyst to flourish his knowledge in different domain instantaneously.

Ever-changing business requirements

The stakeholders keep on changing their requirements several times in a week or even in a day. So it is very important for the Business Analyst to take the decision whether to implement the changes or just ignore it.


If the business requirement is changed due to any modification of any law, policy or rule by Government, then, of course, the change should be implemented by postponing planned project deliverables. But if the requirement is changed as the stakeholders do not hold the exact vision of their requirement, then the Business Analyst should take some time to re-schedule the plan.

Conflicts with stakeholders

Conflicts may sometimes arise when the team members propose any new idea for the project. This is a very common challenge faced by the Business Analysts.


The Business Analyst should go through the documentation properly before jumping to any conclusion. He should critically evaluate the pros and cons of the new idea. Then it should be discussed with the stakeholders with proper presentation.

Undocumented processes

It is often seen that the stakeholders are not providing any concrete documentation for their needs. This can be no problem initially, but as time goes, more and more modifications are added to the initial requirement, and it makes the situation worse.


All the necessary updates should be given in written to the decision maker from time to time to avoid any conflict in future. Business Analysts should focus more on business needs rather than going for user positions.

No job comes with responsibilities. So being a Business Analyst you may face these sorts of challenges. But never worry, you will get accustomed with all of them with time.