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A Business Analyst in E-Commerce World

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January 23, 2018
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The e-commerce world

E-commerce, though a relatively new concept in retail, has become a $220 billion industry. The e-commerce industry is growing at almost 20% per year, at this rate; it will outpace the traditional brick-and-mortar within next five year. The growth is being fuelled by the explosive growth smartphone users. The lower cost of setting up an online store, compared to physical stores have helped to create many startups in e-commerce domain which are no less competitive than big old traditional retailers. Development of technology, access to faster internet and availability of cheaper devices has created lower entry barriers. As business analyst role is often seen as a communication bridge between the business stakeholders and information technology (IT), the e-commerce industry offers great opportunities and challenges for a business analyst.

Business Analyst role e-commerce

We know that the role of a business analyst is to understand business change needs, assess the business impact of the changes, capture, analyses and document requirements and also to support the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant business stakeholders, operations and IT teams. It’s no different when it comes to e-commerce domain but since the e-commerce domains are IT intensive, there are additional responsibilities. An e-commerce business analyst measures the success of a retailer’s online presence. Business analysts in e-commerce domain are responsible for analyzing and reporting changes in online sales to a team of e-commerce managers so they are well-informed when making business decisions. A business analyst also oversee and/or track a company’s web analytics, search engine ranking, advertising campaign results and branding across a website.

As an e-commerce business analyst is responsible to transforming data into information, they have to be highly organized, technically-minded and have excellent communication skills. They are responsible for analyzing, documenting and monitoring of various business initiatives and business requirements. They are also expected to present these initiatives clearly to a variety of people from board members and operations managers to customer service executives. It is necessary that they keep up with the latest web analytics software, social media revolution and search engine rules so as to provide the most up-to-date and complete information.

Responsibilities and duties

As we have discussed that the main job responsibility of an e-commerce business analyst is to increase the efficiency of the company’s online sales. Some of the other key responsibilities of a business analyst in e-commerce industry are listed below. You will realize that the basic responsibilities remain same.

  1. Analyze business requirements: All internal and external business requirements needs to be analyzed and create detail specifications for all e-commerce sites and manage communication with all participants in projects.

  2. Manage and track multiple projects: A single site may appear different based on geographies, user login, time of the year, etc. DEVOPS (Development to Operations) concept is very importancefor the e-commerce companies which talks about continues application integration, continuous testing, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring. It should not come as a surprise that Amazon rolls out a new feature every 11 seconds.

  3. Monitor and document business discussions: Analyze multiple projects and document all business specifications and participate in various meetings for system groups.

  4. Business case preparation: Prepare business documents for all e-commerce business procedure and analyze all site traffic to recommend efficient marketing plans and programs and search engine marketing activities.

  5. Evaluate creative ideas: Evaluate creative ideas and develop a production schedule for projects and develop various key performance metrics for all e-commerce activities.

  6. Provide recommendations: Recommend improvements to all sites and prepare reports for productivity programs and coordinate with the team to design effective test strategies to increase site productivity.

  7. Perform analysis on all e-commerce activities on the daily/weekly basis as required and identify roadblocks for customers in the checkout process and recommend improvements to same.

  8. Partner with e-commerce teams to perform and recommend improvements to e-commerce site performance.

  9. Monitor all redesigning tasks and ensure incorporation of changes/features suggested and all business requirements to the site after analyzing the changes.

  10. Coordinate effectively with the stakeholders, operations and the IT team.

Please post your comments if you think I have missed out on some important responsibilities of business analyst role.


As the retail industry is evolving so is the role of business analysts. Let’s took at the some of the challenges posed by e-commerce under business analysis headers.

Eliciting requirements: From the high-level view, BA begins to conceptualize solutions by breaking it down into one or more features needed to meet the desired business objectives. BA should have the knowledge of the domain and the technology that is used. Though IT knowledge is not must but the BA should be able to understand the technology.

Analysis: Under analysis phase, each requirement undergoes a deep-dive. The complex business problem needs to be tackled and solved by breaking them into simpler problems. BA should know the new technology that is available which can be used to address these problems.

Negotiation: Its BA responsibility to make sure all the parties understand the solution and the business, operations and application development teams are on the same page. Since the domain is new and evolving, its becomes much more challenging for a BA to convince all the stakeholders.

Documentation: A BA will have to get their solutions down onto paper. Since the e-commerce domain is driven by innovation, a BA will have to think ahead of times.

UI and UX Design: E-commerce websites are used by end users and the design should be made keeping them in mind. BA will have to work with UI design experts.

‘Go-to’ Person: BA becomes the go-to person for all the stakeholders for any query. BA will have to keep learning and always themselves updated with the developments

Every business is unique and pose different challenges to the business analysts hence e-commerce is not different. If a business analyst sticks to the basic principles of business analysis and have learning attitude, these challenges can be overcome. Readers are welcome to share the challenges they face while working on e-commerce requirements.


Internet search engines and efficient use of social media are hugely important for the success of an e-commerce business. According to a study, 61% of global Internet users researching products online before a purchase and more than 50% of social media purchasing happens within one week of tweeting, sharing, liking or favoriting a product. Hence, it’s important for a business analyst to realize the power of these media of information sharing. Since there is no switching cost for shoppers, retention of the customer is the biggest challenge which business analyst will have to address. Studies have found that boosting retention rates by a mere 5% can increase profits between 25 and a staggering 95 percent. In fact, a 10 percent improvement in customer retention could increase the overall value of a company by 30%. Business analysts have to gear up for the e-commerce challenges as the rewards are also huge.

Use Java in Web Technology

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January 23, 2018
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Java is actually a foundation for all kinds of networked applications, not only that this is the global standard for developing embedded and mobile applications, web application, online games, Web-based content, and organizational software. With over 9 million developers in all over the world, Java enables the users to efficiently as well as perfectly develop a new application, and also it helps to deploy and use the exciting applications and services.

Why Software Developers Choose Java

Java, which is one of the effective application today has been tested, refined, extended, and proven through a dedicated community of Java developers. This application is specially designed to facilitate the development of a website, high-performance applications for the broad range of digital platforms.
By making applications accessible across heterogeneous atmosphere, organizations can give more administrations and support end-users profitability, communication, and coordinated—and drastically lessen the expense of ownership for big business and customer applications. Java has ended up precious to engineers by enabling them to integrate the technology in everyday lives.

  • It allows programs which could run within one web browser

  • Create a server-side applications for any online forums, polls, stores, processing HTML forms, and many more.

  • Combine applications or administrations utilizing the Java language to make profoundly modified applications or administrations

  • Write-capable and effective applications for smartphones, remote processors, microcontrollers, remote modules, sensors, portals, purchaser items, and essentially whatever other electronic gadget

Web development with Java

Java is one of the most powerful ways and strong support for any web development. If Java on your desktop, with the important exception of Eclipse RCP based application was never a colossal achievement, Java is often utilized at the server side.

A Java web application is one of the assortment of dynamic assets, (for example, Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Java classes and containers) and static assets (HTML pages and pictures). A Java web application can be sent as a WAR (Web Archive) document.

Java Web Standards

Standard Java technologies are perfectly defined through a standard procedure known as the Java Community Process or JCP. Here are some java technologies listed below which are defined via the JCP.

1. Servlet

A servlet is actually a Java class which develops “HttpServlet” and answers a HTTP. The newest official version of java is Servlets 3.0 which is also a important portion of Java EE 6. Java Server Pages (JSP) are documents which contain HTML and Java code. The web container arranges the JSP into a servlet at the first time the JSP is accessed to. The most recent version is 2.1.

2. JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) embodies the main usefulness basic to numerous Web applications as basic labels. The present variant is 1.2 is a piece of the JavaServer Pages Specification adaptation 2.1.

3. Getting started with Java web development

Beginning with Java Web development is generally simple and need not invest huge amount of effort. Being as a web developer, if you have some basic knowledge about java technologies and its coding you can easily develop web site or portal based on java script.

Benefit of learning Big Data

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January 23, 2018
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Big data which is one of the buzzword today, is basically both a technical and marketing terms which refers to a most priceless organization asset-information. It additionally signifies to a pattern in technology that is driving the path to another methodology in comprehending the world and settling on business choices.

Such decisions are taken based on extremely big amounts of organized, unorganized and complex data – like tweets, different types of business videos, commercial transactions –which have gotten to be hard to process utilizing basic database and business administration tools.

The Most essential objective of evaluating big data is to bolster any business organization in settling on better business decisions which have a positive impact on:

  • Cost reduction

  • Decision making

  • Business opportunity

  • Product development and market development

Cost reduction

There are lots of renowned Big data technologies which have already made a successful impact on business organization such as cloud-based and Hadoop. This big data analysis can also offer substantial cost benefits. While you are making a difference between big data technology and traditional architectures, you have to know first, these are troublesome due to differences in usefulness, a value examination alone can propose a request of-greatness changes.

Well established and big companies like Citi, Wells Fargo and USAA all have significant Hadoop projects in progress that exist close by existing storage and processing abilities for analytics. If the long-term part of such technologies in an organization architecture is not clear, it’s reasonable that they will play a lasting and imperative part in assisting organizations with overseeing big data.

Faster, better decision-making

Analytics has always concerned attempts to enhance the decision making quality, and big data cannot change that. Big firms are constantly searching the procedure for both quick and perfect decisions and big data is one of the great solution. For instance, Caesars is one of the leading gaming organization that has since a long time ago grasped analytics, is presently grasping big data analytics for quicker choices. The organization has data about its clients from its Total Rewards loyalty program, web clickstreams, and ongoing play in slot machines. It customarily utilized each one of those data sources to comprehend clients, yet it has been hard to incorporate and follow up on them progressively, while the client is as yet playing at an opening machine or in the resort.

Your Company Can Find New Business Opportunities

Now big data analytics tools constantly mature day by day, huge amount of users are recognizing the competitive benefit to being a data-driven organization. It is demonstrated in the presidential election in the year of 2012. Campaign managers who control the campaign of both the Democratic and Republican parties observed a important requirement for data, he inform that big data is taking now a significant role in New Business Opportunities

Product development and market development

Maybe the most intriguing utilization of big data analytics is to make new items and services for clients. Online organizations have done this for 10 years or somewhere in the vicinity, yet now prevalently disconnected from the net firms are doing it as well. GE, for instance, has made a noteworthy interest in new administration models for its modern items utilizing enormous information examination.

Common problems faced by business analysts

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January 23, 2018
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A business analyst has to tackle a lot of responsibilities. Analysis of any sort needs sheer diplomacy and brain. So, if you are a business analyst, you need to manage your responsibilities with utmost adroitness. So, a perfect business analyst needs to be abreast with all the possible ways to manage the situations. There are various training institutions online and offline, which enables you to cope up with the situation. After all, a perfect corporate training is essential to be a successful business analyst. So, if you are planning to take up business analysis as your profession, make sure that you have all the essential training facilities and then leap for the big seat.

Some of the common problems are as follows

  • Firstly, analysis means research. So, you need to go through a lot of studies before you come to a conclusion. There are times when you feel that the research is endless, there are no starting and finishing points of the research.This is really a challenging as well as tricky situation. You need to manage your time very well. The best solution is to ask specific questions and get specific answers to your queries. This will help you to reduce the time.

  • Secondly, a business analyst has to be master in two aspects simultaneously. He has to be in touch with the latest technical aspects, and at the same time, he has to have the necessary diplomacy to manage the aspect of business

  • One may find it surprising for a single person to flourish in both the aspects, but the reality proves the fact. There are different certificate courses and one need to get in touch with the right institution, which trains him or her for the post.

  • Thirdly, the business circumstances are dynamic and ever changing

  • Nothing remains stagnant when it comes to business. The market conditions are constantly undergoing a change. Under these situations, a business analyst needs to keep in mind that he has to stay updated to the latest norms and government regulations. The time when the new norms are implemented turns out to be crucial for the business analyst. Accordingly, he has to adjust with the stakeholders and postpone his plans. When it comes to rescheduling, his diplomacy undergoes a real challenge. A successful business analyst has to manage all these aspects with sheer dexterity.

  • The ugliest problem crops up when there is a conflict with the stakeholders. Business is subjected to diplomatic decisions and there are situations when these problems turn out to be chronic. A successful business analyst has to tackle the situation wisely. He has to go through the process of documentation very carefully. He needs to go through the pros and cons and make his own analysis regarding the advantage or disadvantage of these conditions. If he is satisfied enough, he must go ahead and take a decision. A decision should never be taken if he is unsure about the outcome of the situation.

perfect training course provides him with all these training.

How to be a perfect project manager

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January 23, 2018
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The project managers need special training which grooms them and makes them qualified for their post. The project managers need to tackle a lot of responsibilities. They have to look after different aspects like management of manpower to the optimization of output. So, the right choice of training institution plays a key role in making a successful project manager. After all, the efficiency and success of the firm depend on him. The corporate sectors of the modern industries need efficient project managers to live up in the competitions. So, the nature and efficiency of the project manager needs special attention.

What makes a good project manager?

In order to be a perfect project manager, one has to look after three aspects. These have to be polished and made perfect so that he can manage the industry well.

  • Firstly, he needs to manage the manpower efficiently. The team who is working under him needs proper guidance from him and in this aspect, his motivation needs to be focused on. At the end of the day, the net result depends on how he manipulates the manpower. There may be problems with the workforce and it is his duty to ensure that everything goes on smoothly.

  • Next comes the strategy. Certain specializations are required to devise a strategy which will help the Company to proceed forward. The project manager has to keep knocking on all the doors and check out which policy works out to benefit the company. A successful business needs a perfect blend of strategies as well as favorable situation. So, the project manager has to be adept in harnessing the maximum from the situations.

  • The project manager has to keep an eye open on the performance of the team. He needs to keep the employees pressing for a better performance and at the end of the day, he needs to look at the progress of the company and plan the next steps. In this aspect, the optimum utility of time plays a major role. He has to use all the resources available to him wisely and ensure that no time or labor is wasted.

How to become adept

In order to get the right kind of training, one needs to focus on the preparation. There are several online educational facilities provided by various institutions. However, one has to be very choosy when he selects the right institution. The reason is, all the institutions do not provide with the ideal kind of training. Apart from this, the vast pool of knowledge that the online portals present are sufficient to cater the theoretical aspects. But when it comes to practical implementation, there are several instances to mark that people tend to falter. The ideal project manager needs to be trained in such an institution which provides well-balanced education on both the theoretical and practical aspects.

The right choice of institution plays a key role, as the future of the employee depends largely on the ambiance and environment in which he was trained. This is the hallmark of true success.

Perks of Getting PMP Certification

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January 23, 2018
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Sometimes you may find that you have done a technical degree and also a Management degree, but still, something is lacking to you for which you are not getting the required job profile that you are willing to have. You may find others getting promotions and getting placed in different other companies, but your career became stagnant.

If you are really facing this type of problem, then this is the right time for you to do a professional course. Among the different professional courses, you can opt for Project Management Professional Courses to boost your career.

Here I discussed some of the benefits of adding the feather of PMP certificate in your Resume-

  1. Higher salaries– If you are already a manager and wish to give a leap to your salary structure, then PMP is the right course for you that you should go for.

  2. Resume looks good– With mentioning that you are a PMP certified candidate, your scope of getting any job increases. As the employers always look for someone with some extra degrees and qualifications.

  3. Increased communication skills- Some PMP certified professionals admitted that their communication skills were increased by doing PMP certification. The course helped them to understand project requirements easily, communicate with clients in a more efficient ways and deliver work in a much fruitful manner.

  4. Demand and supply- There is a mass shortage in the number of Project Managers required in the different companies that the number of certified Project Managers actually present. So once you go for the Project Management Professional certification course, chances increase that you will soon be getting ample job opportunities to boost up your career.

  5. Gives you confidence– As Project Management course gives you proper knowledge and training, hence you become capable of understanding and facing the real challenges of day to day office job. This makes you a competent professional to manage all the projects skillfully.

  6. Learning new skills– PMP course helps you in learning new skills along with brushing up your existing skills. Some of the new skills include active risk management, costing, planning, monitoring and implementing projects, earned value management, procurement process, pert charts, etc.

  7. Customized study methods– PMP courses are carried out as per the requirement of the students. Audio-visual aids along with classroom coaching are provided that ultimately results in understanding and implementing the techniques and skills more efficiently.

  8. A common language for the Project Managers- By learning Project Management, the learners get to know a common language with the other project managers of other companies and in the same office. This common language helps in discussing the projects better that brings good output from the Project Managers.

Project Management Professional courses may be a bit costly, but you should not bother or worry too much about this as you are going to get double or maybe triple benefits than what you are spending. But select the best PMP course provider before you join the course to get certified. Keep your fingers crossed and see how good your career is going to be once you are a certified Project Management Professional.

All about Project Management

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January 23, 2018
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What is Project Management?

Project Management is a designation offered to the employees in an office who looks after and manages the projects in a most efficient way and the timely way using the resources properly to the utmost level.

Myths about Project Management

Often we have heard that the Project Management professionals are known as people managers. But are these people only people managers? Don’t they have any other work than managing the people in their office and the stakeholders?

In this article, I will discuss 3 P of Project Management.

The 3 P’s of Project Management are

  • People Management

  • Process Management

  • Performance Management

People Management

It is one of the most important roles of a Project Manager. Managing the team, motivating the team, and bringing out the best from the team is the sole responsibility of a Project Manager. A project can end up being messy if the Project Manager is unable to carry out this responsibility properly.

Process Management

Along with people management, Process management is another important role of the Project managers. For the successful project outcome, successful project implementation is required. Project Managers use their skills, knowledge and experience in implementing a project successfully.

Performance Management

This is the questions that come from the project as is the project running on schedule. By taking in the action, all the 3 P’s a Project Manager can definitely get success in his job.

How to be a good Project manager

There are some specific qualities of a Project Manager. Some of them are-

  • Excellent communication skill

  • Ability to negotiate properly

  • Ability to play as a team player

  • Super interpersonal skills

From where to get Project Management Certification

There are several institutions offering PMP course. But it is always better for choosing an institute that has a good experience in training a good number of students. This will ensure proper training that will help you in daily Project Management related work at the office.

Two key factors in getting success in a Project

Project Managers love to follow to key factors to run a project successfully. Firstly, employing experienced and efficient team members to get maximum output from the team. Secondly, a well-documented methodology, that is easy to understand and follow.

Demand and Supply

There is a huge requirement of Project Managers currently in the market, but the number of Project management certified professionals is actually too low. So, that means there is demand but no supply. So if you want to give a lift to your career, then doing a Project Management Professional Course is very much fruitful for you.

A trained project manager is an asset to any company. So never hesitate to spend your money on doing courses on Project Management. But the only factor is you should choose the institute carefully. Once you get a certificate, you are one-step ahead from all your competitors competing for the same designation.

Challenges faced by a Business analyst and the solution

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January 23, 2018
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We often woo a Business Analyst for the job responsibilities he holds and the glamor he enjoys in his office. But every coin has two sides. One good and one bad.

Similarly, a Business Analyst is also not free from all the professional problems. In fact holding an important role, he faces loads of challenges every day. Let us discuss some of the challenges faced by Business Analysts in everyday life in their professional field.

Paralysis by analysis

This is a great problem faced by the business analysts. They need to read pages after pages to get equipped with any necessary information. Even sometimes they can’t understand where to start and where to end.


Being a Business Analyst, you can ask more and more questions to get clear clarification. Moreover, you can develop more models and artifacts than what are required.

Knowledge and skills

Business Analysts are required to work on technical as well as business-related tasks simultaneously. But how it is possible for a person with technical background to show competency in the business domain?


The simple way to solve this problem is to get aware of the business domain, current technologies and the industry where he is working from the very first day. Certifications in some specialized areas can also help a Business Analyst to flourish his knowledge in different domain instantaneously.

Ever-changing business requirements

The stakeholders keep on changing their requirements several times in a week or even in a day. So it is very important for the Business Analyst to take the decision whether to implement the changes or just ignore it.


If the business requirement is changed due to any modification of any law, policy or rule by Government, then, of course, the change should be implemented by postponing planned project deliverables. But if the requirement is changed as the stakeholders do not hold the exact vision of their requirement, then the Business Analyst should take some time to re-schedule the plan.

Conflicts with stakeholders

Conflicts may sometimes arise when the team members propose any new idea for the project. This is a very common challenge faced by the Business Analysts.


The Business Analyst should go through the documentation properly before jumping to any conclusion. He should critically evaluate the pros and cons of the new idea. Then it should be discussed with the stakeholders with proper presentation.

Undocumented processes

It is often seen that the stakeholders are not providing any concrete documentation for their needs. This can be no problem initially, but as time goes, more and more modifications are added to the initial requirement, and it makes the situation worse.


All the necessary updates should be given in written to the decision maker from time to time to avoid any conflict in future. Business Analysts should focus more on business needs rather than going for user positions.

No job comes with responsibilities. So being a Business Analyst you may face these sorts of challenges. But never worry, you will get accustomed with all of them with time.

Challenges of Big Data

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January 23, 2018
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What is Big Data?

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January 23, 2018
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